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Shade Cafe offers a wide variety of flavors

At Shade Cafe, we get that a great day begins, pauses, or wraps up with the perfect sip. In our peaceful cafe, quality coffee, and unique sodas are crafted to boost your day. Come in for a strong morning coffee or an afternoon fizz-up with our special sodas—we're your go-to spot for a relaxing refresh.

Coffee in Richland

Immerse yourself in Shade Cafe's Alder-Wood Roasted Coffee, a modern twist on Italian tradition. Experience the Richland Renaissance through each sip, offering a distinct aroma from our unique roasting method. Beyond a mere drink, it's a moment into a sophisticated affair with our delicately smoked, luxurious beans.

shade steamed milk being poured into latte
Shade Barista Smiling

Dirty Sodas in Richland

Experience the buzz of Richland's Shade Café, your quintessential spot for irresistible dirty soda! Savor the fizzy magic in every expertly crafted drink and see why our cozy haven is the talk of dirty soda aficionados.

Shade Barista Smiling

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